Iron Man Famous Cover Series 8-Inch Figure from Toybiz

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Famous Cover Series 8 Inch Iron Man action figure with authentic fabric outfit.
Taking a cue from Mego is this Marvel Famous Cover Series Iron Man figure from Toybiz.
Toybiz presents this Famous Cover Series Silver-Age style Iron Man figure with authentic outfit.
Iron Man was one of the only Famous Cover figures from Toybiz whose outfit is not removable.
The 8 inch Famous Cover Series Iron Man action figure is an incredible rendition of Old Shellhead.

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Toybiz Famous Cover Series 8-Inch Iron Man Figure

Toybiz and Marvel Comics present this 8-inch scale Iron Man figure as part of their Famous Cover Series.

Packaging of the Toybiz 8-Inch Iron Man Action Figure

The 8-inch scale Iron Man figure from Toybiz comes in an 8" x 10" x approximately 2.5" deep box. The front panel of this Avengers' box opens like a book and is attached on the underside with a velcro latch.

Toybiz has designed the Avengers' box so that a circle is die-cut into the front panel revealing Iron Man's face. When you lift that front panel, you reveal the entire Toybiz Iron Man figure behind a clear plastic window.

All sides of the packaging from this Toybiz figure are covered in full-color graphics. The front panel also utilizes metallic gold foil highlights. Toybiz features Marvel Comics Iron Man number 126 on the front of the packaging of their Iron Man figure.

Head Sculpt & Body of the 8-Inch Toybiz Iron Man Action Figure

This Famous Cover Series Iron Man figure features a unique head sculpt for Tony Stark. Over the Tony Stark head sculpt is a two-part removable Iron Man mask.

Iron Man utilizes a standard Famous Cover Series male super-hero body with 14-points of articulation which include neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, groin, knees, and ankles.

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Back Story of the Famous Cover Series Iron Man Figure

When millionaire inventor and industrialist Tony Stark was critically wounded during a military mission, he created a special armor to keep himself alive. Using the armor to help him fight a terrorist, Tony Stark's destiny was forever altered and the invincible Iron Man was born.

Presented here as he appeared in the classic Iron Man #126, Stark faces a horde of soldiers led by a faceless man named Hammer, but ultimately becomes separated from his armor and is captured. Using his wits and intellect, Stark escapes Hammer's prison and suits up as Iron Man, in order to take down the villain. But the devious Hammer has his own plans and calls nearly a dozen super-villains to battle Iron Man in a classic comic cliffhanger!

As a member of the Avengers, Iron Man uses his jet boots to fly as well as his powerful repulsor blasts to aid him in battle. A hero suited for any challenge, Iron Man truly is one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

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