Spider-Man Symbiote Costume Marvel Premium Format(TM) Figure

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Marvel Legends Carnage action figure from Hasbro.
Marvel Legends Infinite Series The Amazing Spider-Man 2 851   0   2   0
Marvel Legends Carnage Action Figure from Hasbro Marvel Comics and Hasbro present this Carnage action figure as part of their Marvel...
Carnage Marvel Legends Spider-Man Fearsome Foes Gift Set
Marvel Legends Spider-Man Fearsome Foes Series 593   0   0   0

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Marvel Famous Cover Series 8 inhc Carnage action figure from Toybiz.
Famous Covers Series 8 Inch Marvel Figures 2844   0   8   0
Toybiz Famous Cover Series 8-Inch Carnage Figure Toybiz and Marvel Comics present this Previews Exclusive Carnage figure as part of their Famous Cover...
Sixth-scale Real Action Heroes CARNAGE from MEDICOM.
Marvel Comics Real Action Heroes 2458   1   3   0
SIxth-Scale Real Action Heroes CARNAGE Figure from MEDICOM Medicom and Marvel Comics present this Real Action Heroes sixth-scale Carnage action figure....
5 results - showing 1 - 5