Batman 8" Mattel Retro-Action Figure

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Mattel Retro-Action Batman Package.

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88-Inch Retro-Action Batman Figure from Mattel

DC Retro-Action Mego-Type FiguresMattel and DC Comics present this 8" Batman action figure with fabric costume and removable cowl. With over twelve points of articulation, this Dark Knight figure is extremely poseable and a great addition to any Mego collection.

While the overall look and style of this figure is very reminiscent of the Mego Batman from the 1970s, there's no mistaking Mattel's version for the Mego version. Like the Mego version, the Mattel retro-action Batman appears in his classic gray and blue outfit. The one-piece bodysuit has the black shorts stitched-in. The yellow belt is removable and very similar to its Mego counterpart. The blue cape is made from a similar type of material as the one used for the Mego Batman.

Like the 8" Mattel Superman figure from this same series, Batman's boots are a huge improvement over its Mego Batman counterpart. The heavier, more flexible material is also more tapered and detailed than the much more generic and simplistic Mego Batman boots.

The removable cowl is a nice feature since it gives you both Bruce Wayne and Batman rolled into one. Mattel probably led with the removable cowl version since it has historically been very popular with fans. The short-lived success of this series may have contributed to the reason why we never saw a variant Batman with a fully sculpted head.


While the removable cowl is a very cool feature for a Batman figure, the Mattel version tends to look a little more like a helmet than a mask. Some of this may have been intentional since the Retro-Action line was intending to mimic Mego figures. This balancing act of retro and still being cool in today's market seems to create a difficult situation for manufacturers of these sort of action figures.


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