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Funko Pop! Marvel Red Skull Vinyl Figure #07

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A packaged sample of this Funko Pop! Marvel Red Skull vinyl figure number 7
Funko Pop! Marvel Red Skull vinyl figure number seven.

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Funko Red Skull Pop! Marvel Vinyl Figure

Funko Toy Company and Marvel Comics present this Red Skull vinyl bobblehead figure from their Pop! Marvel line of toys.

Arch enemy to Captain America, the Red Skull is figure number seven in the Pop! Marvel series from Funko.

Features of the Pop! Marvel Red Skull Figure Number Seven

The Red Skull vinyl figure is part of the Pop! Marvel series from Funko and stands 3.75-inches tall. The figure features an oversized head with a miniature body. The Red Skull is clad in a dark green military uniform with black boots and matching gloves.

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Back Story of the Pop! Marvel Red Skull Figure

We have ways of making you enjoy this Red Skull Marvel Pop! vinyl figure! Everyone's favorite horrible German supervillain, the Red Skull is back, but this time he's cute! Red Skull, more lovable than ever!

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