Flash CW Television Series Review

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DC Comics' The Flash Full Costume/Suit First Look from the upcoming CW Series.
First look at the new costume desgin for the upcoming CW Flash tv series.
Seen here is The Flash in action from the CW's upcming Flash series.
The new CW Flash suit is definitely looking a little devilish and not as heroic as it should.
The CW's upcoming Flash is looking a little more like a villain than a hero.
Notice the chest emblem which is normally filled with white is filled with a crimson red.
Another shot of the CW's Flash in action.
Possibly the best image yet of the Flash uniform from the upcoming CW television series.
First Look at the new Flash CW TV Series Costume

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CW Flash TV Series Review

If you haven't seen the new CW Flash TV series, you don't know what your missing! For starters... Professor Zoom (a.k.a. Reverse Flash), Weather Wizard, and -- oh yeah -- Captain Cold complete with blue hooded winter coat! The CW has no holds barred on this series and seems to be out to please comics book fans by modeling the stories and characters after the classic DC Comics stories.

Check out our Popcast! Podcast review of the first few episodes of this brand new series.

CW Flash TV Series Extended Trailer

See the extended trailer from the upcoming CW Flash television series. Clearly they intend to have Weather Wizard as one of the main villains on this DC Comics' show. And... is that Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash in the opening scene? Also, be sure to take note of the original Flash costume seen in the background at 3:45.


What's Up with the CW Spinning off The Flash TV Series from Arow?

And here is the shorter preview trailer featuring Stephen Amell as Green Arrow. Arrows vs. speed. Who shall win?

John Wesley Shipp to play Barry Allen's father on new Flash seriesUpdate: It's been confirmed by the CW and executive producer Greg Berlanti that former Flash actor John Wesley Shipp will be playing Barry Allen's father on the upcoming live-action Flash television series.

"Given his history with The Flash, Andrew [Kreisberg], Geoff [Johns] and I could only think of one person we wanted to play Barry's father and that was John Wesley Shipp," "Flash" executive producer Greg Berlanti said in a statement. "He gives a fantastic and emotional performance in the pilot and we are looking forward to his presence in many more episodes. Also, personally, it was just wonderful to work with him again since my days at 'Dawson's Creek'. He's a great actor and a great guy.

First-Look at the Flash Costume Design for the new CW Series

So it looks like the CW is not pulling any punches with regards to the upcoming Flash television series. Those of you keeping up with Arrow already know that The Flash has appeared on several episodes of the show as his alter ego Barry Allen played by actor Grant Gustin. (continues below)

CW introduces The Flash

New Flash Uniform from the Upcoming CW Television Series

Which Flash outfit do you prefer – New or Old?

Flash Costumes: New vs. Old


According to the official press release: The costume for The Flash (seen below) was designed by three-time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood, who also designed the costume for "Arrow" and whose motion picture credits include Academy Awards for her work on "Alice in Wonderland," "Memoirs of a Geisha" and "Chicago," as well as seven additional Oscar nominations for films such as "Snow White and the Huntsman," "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" and "Sleepy Hollow," among others.

It's also been announced that the original 1990s Flash actor, John Wesley Shipp, will have some sort of a role in the new series.

Here's the first look at the entire suit of The Flasg from the upcoming CW tv series.

Where Shipp's Flash suit was made from a brightly colored red material, Gustin's is a muted, more maroon red typical of the color palette we see in DC movies like Man of Steel.

Also, Shipp's outfit had the trademark 1990's built-in muscles that became popular with the Tim Burton Batman films. The CW's suit is more typical of modern super-hero films and comic books where the materials used have lots of textures and intentional seams which make it all look very functional and necessary.

The new CW Flash TV series is set to premiere Fall 2014.



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