Captain Action's Arch Enemy Dr. Evil from Playing Mantis

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A packaged sample of this Playing Mantis sixth-scale Dr. Evil Figure.
Rear artwork from this Playing Mantis 6th scale Dr. Evil Figure.
Caemine Infantino illustration for this Playing Mantis Dr. Evil action figure.
Side artwork from a sixth-scale Playing Mantis Doctor Evil action figure.
A closer look at this Playing Mantis Doctor Evil action figure.
Interior art and Dr. Evil figure from Playing Mantis.

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Sixth-Scale Dr. Evil Action Figure from Playing Mantis

Captain Action and Dr. Evil can be transformed into a multitude of heroes and villains. Watch for Captain Action and Dr. Evil packaged with masks and costumes of your favorite characters! Today's collector can be confident that these new series will reside in a place of honor at the Action Cave headquarters.

The illustrations on the Captain Action and Dr. Evil action figure packages have been drawn by legendary comic book artist, Carmine Infantino. Mr. Infantino has drawn countless superhero, western, and science-fiction stories and covers. He is credited with helping to define the classic look of the Silver Age superhero. Mr. Infantino has been awarded many honors, including the prestigious National Cartoonist Society Awars, recognizing him as one of the industry's great professionals.

Features of the Sixth-Scale Doctor Evil Action Figure from Playing Mantis

  • Sixth-scale Dr. Evil figure
  • Neutron Laser pistol
  • Alter-ego mask
  • Gold medallion
  • Sandals

This limited edition, original reproduction of Dr. Evil comes complete with human mask, medallion and ray gun. Dr. Evil's authentic tunic and sandals costume reflects the fashion tends of his original release date in the late '60s.

Back Story of the 12-inch Doctor Evil Action Figure from Playing Mantis

In 1867, Dr. Evil was created to provide a rival for the popular Captain Action toy. This paved the way for a comic book featuring the battles of Captain Action and Dr. Evil. According to comic book lore, Dr. Evil started out as Captain Action's father-in-law, Dr. Stefan Tracy. An earthquake strikes Tracy's lab, causing a reaction that transforms him into an inhuman mutant. He dons a mask with the likeness of the former Tracy's face and sets about to destroy the world. Will his plan include the destruction of Captain Action as well?

Look for other Captain Action figures, featuring the masks and costumes of favorite superhero and comic characters. These collectible figures are destined to bring back the fun of childhood.

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