Elektra - Marvel Universe 3.75" 2013:01 Series 5 (Wave 22)

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Hasbro presents this Marvel Universe 3.75-inch Elektra action figure.
Fully aritculated Marvel Universe 3.75-inch Elektra action figure.
A packaged sample of this Marvel Universe 3.75-inch Elektra action figure.

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This Elektra action figure features 20-points of articulation. As with Series 4, Series 5 did not include figure stands or secret file cards. The 2013 Series 1 (Wave 22) Elektra figure comes with a sais accessory.

This fifth series of single carded figures featured new character art by Mike Deodato. The artwork at the bottom of the back of this version featured Troll.

There was no theme to this series and the packaging no longer included a comic cover artwork shot specific to each figure. In some instances (and for the first time), the promotional photos on the back of the packaging featured older figures rather than those in the current wave.

3.75-inch Marvel Universe Elektra Action Figure

The daughter of a Greek ambassador, Elektra Natchios begins her martial arts training at an early age. Following the death of her father she travels to Japan to expand her martial arts training and returns to New York to sell her services as an assassin. Hired by the Kingpin, Elektra is reluctantly forced into confrontations with Daredevil. Later, she battles Bullseye, another of Kingpin’s assassins, for supremacy and is killed by Bullseye with one of her own trademark sais. She is later resurrected and resumes her career as an assassin.

Marvel Universe 3.75 Action Figures

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