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MARVEL AVENGERS Titan Hero Series 12-Inch Lightening Bow HAWKEYE Figure

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Hasbro Titan Hero Series sixth-scale Lightening Bow HAWKEYE figure.
MARVEL Titan Hero Series Lightening Bow HAWKEYE action figure from HASBRO.

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12-Inch Titan Hero Series Avengers Lightening Bow HAWKEYE Action Figure

From the pages of Marvel Comics and the Avengers comes this sixth-scale Lightening Bow Hawkeye action figure. Hasbro presents their Titan Hero Series line of 12-inch figures.

Lightening Bow Hawkeye has five points of articulation which include his neck, shoulders, and groin. Lightening Bow Hawkeye comes with a removable bow.

Lightening Bow Hawkeye is an Entertainment Earth Exclusive. Hasbro's Marvel twelve-inch deluxe action figures feature exclusive costumes and a light-up electronic accessory you won't find anywhere else. Sturdy plastic construction features poseable limbs and designs inspired by the greatset stories in the Marvel Comics Universe.

Power up with Hawkeye! Unleash the light of justice and super-size your Marvel superhero adventures with the electrifying Avengers Titan Heroes Lightning Bow Hawkeye with Electronic Light-Up Bow Deluxe Electronic Action Figure - an Entertainment Earth Exclusive. Each figure is inspired by Marvel's ongoing Avengers story, pitting the world's greatest assembly of superheroes against tougher threats than ever before.
Each Avenger is ready to unleash the light of justice on the darker corners of the Marvel universe. These gargantuan plastic action figures are jointed and stand 12-inches tall.

Requires 2x 'A76' batteries, Included. Ages 4 and up. Clint Barton went out and found himself some thick red frames, with glass so dark they won't even know his name - but you will!

Hawkeye's new outfit is inspired by the massively multiplayer online game Marvel Heroes 2015 and the hit TV series Avengers Assemble, combining to bring you one of the best archers in the business! Loki, Doctor Doom, Ultron, and bad guys won't stand a chance against his funky fine bow with a special kind of light.

Back Story of the Sixth-Scale Titans Hero Series Lightening Bow Hawkeye from Hasbro

The Avengers' master archer who never misses a shot, Hawkeye uses his quiver full of high-tech arrows to take down evil from afar! Super-size your superhero adventures with Hawkeye, the master marksman! This 12-inch Hawkeye figure from Marvel Comics and their spectacular Avengers franchise comes with a powerful bow and he's ready to open up a precision attack on the foes of justice everywhere. With Hawkeye on your side, there's no telling where your Avengers adventures will take you! Marvel products are produced by Hasbro under license.

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