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Marvel AVENGERS Titan Hero Series 12-Inch Electronic FALCON Figure

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CIVIL WAR Titan Hero Series Electronic talking FALCON action figure from HASBRO.
MARVEL Titan Hero Series Electronic FALCON action figure from Hasbro.

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12-Inch Titan Hero Series CIVIL WAR Electronic FALCON Action Figure

From the pages of Marvel Comics and the live action CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR movie comes this sixth-scale Electronic Falcon action figure. Hasbro presents their Titan Hero Series line of 12-inch figures.

This Electronic Falcon figure has five points of articulation which include his neck, shoulders, and groin.

Features of the CIVIL WAR Sixth-Scale Titan Hero Series Electronic Talking FALCON Action Figure from HASBRO

  • Marvel Titan Hero featuring battle sounds and phrases
  • Sixth-scale electronic FALCON action figures with five-point articulation
  • Create Titan-sized action figure battles
  • Includes figure.

Back Story of the Sixth-Scale Titans Hero Series Electronic Falcon from Hasbro

One of the most skilled aerial combatants in the world, Falcon soars into battle on holographic "hard light" wings! Super-size your superhero adventures with the winged avenger, Marvel's Falcon! This sixth-scale Falcon figure from Marvel Comics has powerful wings to defeat or outfly any enemy and he's ready to open up a diving attack on the foes of justice everywhere. With Falcon on your side, there's no telling where your Avengers adventures will take you! Marvel products are produced by Hasbro under license.

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