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Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series 12-Inch Ant-Man Figure

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12-inch scale Titan Hero Series Ant-Man figure.
Titan Hero Series sixth-scale Ant-Man action figure from Hasbro.
Marvel Comics' The Avengers 12-inch scale Ant-Man figure.

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12-Inch Titan Hero Series Avengers Ant-Man Action Figure

From the pages of Marvel Comics and the Avengers comes this sixth-scale Ant-Man action figure. Hasbro presents their Titan Hero Series line of 12-inch figures.

Ant-Man has five-points of articulation which include his neck, shoulders, and groin. 

Back Story of the Sixth-Scale Titans Hero Series Ant-Man from Hasbro

Create giant-sized battles with the Marvel Titan Hero Series Ant-Man figure! This twelve-inch scale Ant-Man figure is ready to clash in combat with humanity's foes! Desperate to save his daughter, Scott Lang stole a helmet invented by Dr. Henry Pym. The helmet gave Scott the ability to shrink to minuscule size and talk to ants, and he became the Super-Hero known as Ant-Man! When Ant-Man shrinks, his strength doesn’t! The bad guys won't see who hit them, but they'll certainly feel it!

Features of the 12-Inch Titans Hero Series Ant-Man Action Figure

  • Classic Marvel Titan Hero
  • 12-inch action figures with five-points of articulation
  • Create Titan-sized action figure battles
  • Action figure size: twelve-inches
  • Includes Ant-Man figure

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