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Marvel Avengers Assemble Titan Hero Tech Captain America Figure

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12-inch scale Titan Hero Tech electronic Captain America figure.
Avengers sixth-scale Titan Hero Tech Captain America figure.
Avengers Age of Ultron electronic Captain America action figure.

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12-Inch Titan Hero Tech Captain America Action Figure

From the pages of Marvel Comics and the Avengers comes this electronic sixth-scale Captain America action figure. Hasbro presents their Titan Hero Series line of 12-inch figures.

Captain America has five-points of articulation which include his neck, shoulders, and groin. 

Back Story of the Sixth-Scale Titan Hero Tech Series Captain America from Hasbro

All of their powers will be put to the test as the Avengers assemble to take on their greatest enemy: Ultron! Obsessed with mechanical perfection, Ultron will stop at nothing to control the world! Can the Avengers defeat him and save humanity? Enter the battle with Titan Hero Tech Captain America! Titan Hero Tech figures come packed with Super Hero sounds and phrases!

Captain America says: • "I'm Captain America." • "Avengers, assemble!" • "Stand and fight, soldier." • "Tony, we've got to stop Ultron." • "Hulk, smash!" • "The Avengers fight as one." • "Watch our flank!" • "Ultron is everywhere!" • "We're winning this one, Avengers!" • "Captain America reporting for duty." • "Avengers, it's time to disassemble Ultron!" • "Captain America to all available Avengers: we need backup!"

Plus, Titan Hero Tech figures work with Interactive Hulk Buster (sold separately). Interactive Hulk Buster recognizes and reacts to Titan Hero Tech figures, speaking unique phrases to each one!

Features of the 12-Inch Scale Titan Hero Tech Captain America Figure from Hasbro

  • Super Hero phrases and sound effects
  • Figure based on the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • 12-inch action figure with 5-point articulation
  • Works with Interactive Hulk Buster (sold separately)
  • Requires 2 AA batteries, demo batteries included

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